We have enclosed quite a lot of Advanced Resources within the NUMBER ONE TRADES Web Hosting Control Panel. All these tools can assist you to do simple jobs for example protecting a folder using a password and also much more elaborate ones such as, for instance, modifying the PHP version of your web hosting account. Although the jobs they are doing are not the same, each of the Advanced Resources have 1 uniformity. They’re really uncomplicated and involve absolutely no specific expertise on your part.

Hotlink Protection

Defend yourself against bandwidth theft

From our NUMBER ONE TRADES Web Hosting Control Panel, it is easy to immediately shield all the graphics on your websites from being employed anywhere else not having your authorization. And you can now make that happen with merely a few mouse–clicks applying the Hotlink Protection tool.

What you need to make is simply opt for the domain you would like to take care of and then trigger the Hotlink Protection. Adjusts will take effect automatically and your photographs will be protected against illegal use and traffic theft.

Hotlink Protection

.htaccess generator

Automatic generation of .htaccess files

At NUMBER ONE TRADES, you will have accessibility to the .htaccess file of your web site, to ensure you will make as many modifications as you wish. Adding only a couple of lines to the settings file, it’s possible to divert your web site to a different link, or setup password defense for a specific directory, etcetera.

When using the highly effective .htaccess Generator inside the Web Hosting Control Panel, you will not need to possess any know–how about .htaccess files whatsoever. Simply tell the tool what you need to accomplish as well as for exactly which web site, afterwards click on the Save button. Our clever program will produce the .htaccess file for you within seconds.

.htaccess Generator

IP blocking

Block out malicious IP addresses from your web site

In the NUMBER ONE TRADES Web Hosting Control Panel we’ve incorporated quite a important tool that allows you to minimize the ways to access your websites by hindering diverse IP addresses. With the IP blocking tool, it’s possible to stop an IP address or, perhaps a whole range of IP addresses from using your web site. To find out which IP addresses create the ’undesirable’ website traffic to your web site, you should check out the Stats Manager.

All IPs are impeded quickly and no one will be able to view or gain access to your web site from them any more.

IP Blocking

PHP configuration

Modify the PHP rules for your personal website

In the event the application you’re using demands a special PHP version, or, if you want to make any PHP modifications, it’s easy to do that in the NUMBER ONE TRADES Web Hosting Control Panel. It’s possible to switch the PHP version with merely a click, picking from old PHP editions to the present secure PHP launch. You could also easily alter the most critical settings inside of the php.ini file, or create a total change of how your PHP release works.

It is not necessary to wait patiently for hours and hours or restart anything for the adjusts to be effective. All of the changes are implemented on the Internet once you save them.

PHP Configuration